Appeal Ban

Protest a ban

Before you proceed make sure you first check Loki's banlist and search it by clicking here if you are listed and for what reason.
If you do find yourself listed on the banlist for a long term ban and consider the reason for this to be untrue you can write a protest. Please be aware that Short Term bans of 2 weeks or less will not be reduced or removed best to just serve the time and learn from it. Where Server Admins have applied a ban Loki will review the ban within 48 hours. In some extreme cases or with a repeat offender Loki might increase the intial ban.

Your Details

What happens after you posted your protest?

Loki will get notified of your protest. Short term bans will stand regardless, but he will review long term bans. After reviewing if he agrees to modify the ban you will get a reply, within 72 hours.

Note: Sending emails with threats to our admins, scolding or shouting will not get you unbanned and in fact Loki will delete your protest right away!